Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Red Sox Nation becomes the "Bay" State

Who needs Manny when we've got Jason Bay? For any of you Red Sox fans out there today is surely a day of celebration. Just 4 games into the AL East and we're on our way to the ALCS! The trade made when Manny left ranks proved to be a good one from the very start, but last night's amazing slide into home plate has cemented Bay's position in the heart of every loyal BoSox fan. I guess we can say it's just Jason, being Jason, and thank God for that!

Now if we can get David Ortiz back in the "swing" of things and get the injured Mike Lowell back in the game, we could give the Rays a run for their money. And who knows, if all goes according to plan, we just might end up face to face with Benedict Arnold (Manny) as the Dodgers begin their chase for the NLCS this Thursday.

As for me, Friday night has my attention. Don't call after 8:30 unless you want to discuss the game. Red Sox Nation on TBS. Be there!

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