Friday, October 17, 2008


Game five of the ALCS at Fenway last night started as another downer for the hometown crowd and stayed that way right up till the seventh inning. In true Red Sox style, the team finally pulled it together when Big Papi finally let loose with a three run homer beginning the rally which put them back in the running. As the clock struck midnight, it was the bottom of the ninth and both teams were even at seven runs. The first two Boston batters failed to get on base and Kevin Youkilis stepped to the plate. After numerous foul balls, Youk made it to second on an error. Jason Bay followed but the Rays pitcher purposefully walked him. Next up, J.D. Drew slammed it into the field where it plopped to the ground behind the center fielder. As soon as the ball made contact with the bat, Youkilis ran for all he was worth then rounded third base to cross the plate for the win that kept the dream alive.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this Boston Ball Club plays better with their backs against the wall. It would be a miracle for any team to come back from a 3-1 deficit. But this group has proven that miracles can and do come true. Game six takes place tomorrow back at Tropicana Stadium and just like last night, it’s do or die for the Sox. So once again I’ll remind you, keep the faith.


  1. I love learning more and more about you, my friend. I NEVER knew you knew so much about this sport. WOW. You ought to write a NF article or a poem for kids based on your insight.

  2. Ha! I'm a part time fan. I only get excited when it's playoff time and my team is in the running. Besides, it is a rare occasion this displaced Yankee gets to watch a BoSox or Yankee game here in Braves country. Maybe this is why I spend so much time up North during the summer, where the Sox and the Yanks have televised games nearly every day!


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