Sunday, October 12, 2008


The second game of the ALCS started like every other game, however, by the fifth inning both teams began aiming for the fence. By the time it was over Boston had three homers under their belt and the Rays had two.

When the Rays tied the game 8-8 in the eighth, nine innings turned into a seemingly all night battle. Finally, in the eleventh, at approximately one thirty in the morning, the game ended with bleary-eyed fans on their feet. With bases loaded, Ray’s batter, B.J. Upton hit a high fly to right fielder, J.D. Drew. Drew caught the ball for out number two, but couldn’t get it home before third base runner, Fernando Perez reached the plate. The Rays came away victorious with a 9-8 win over the Red Sox.

Game three swings into place at Fenway, Monday afternoon at 4:30. It should be an interesting game in the shadow of the Green Monster with both teams at even strides. Let’s hope the Sox will benefit from the home team advantage.

Meanwhile, the NLCS continues with game three tonight in L.A. As it stands, the Dodgers are down two games to the Philadelphia Phillies. Will Joe Torre prove his value to this ball club despite adversity with the Yankees? And will Manny end up face-to-face with his old comrades in the 2008 World Series? Only time will tell. Stay posted.


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  2. Oops! Let's try this again.

    Hi, Nikki,

    What a sweet picture of your kids. Our daughter is 12 years younger than our younger son and 13 1/2 years younger than our older. They were great with her when she was a baby.

    But lookout for those 2s and 3s!!

    I'll be stopping in from time to time to visit. Please hop over and visit my NEW blog.


  3. Gee, Niki. I never knew you were such the baseball officianado.



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