Saturday, October 25, 2008


Now that the American League Playoffs are finished and my beloved Red Sox came in second place instead of first, the World Series will not garner much of my time. Therefore, as this blog was meant to be, I will dedicate my musings to the craft of writing. Not to say a few extra topics may not arise now and then, but mostly I will report of the things I have learned in the ten years I have devoted to honing my craft, and those in which I continue to learn. It is said we must learn something new every day and I believe it to be true. So come along on this author’s journey as I try to make sense of the common ailments we writer’s all share.

I have learned that the network of children’s writers extends far and wide, yet is small enough to fit within the confines of my desktop. I’ve met many talented people through SCBWI and the internet has paved the way. I am proud to say I consider many clever writers, poets and illustrators among my friends and peers. As you gaze upon my blog, please join in the conversation. Your opinions and comments matter. As a group dedicated to words, I hope we can use them to learn from each other. As unique individuals, we will all describe the same subject in differing ways. Hopefully, one of those ways will strike a chord with someone who needs our help.

Happy Writing!

Niki Schoenfeldt

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