Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Special Guest Coming to The Fractured Keyboard!

I am pleased to announce that on Thursday, April 30, 2009, The Fractured Keyboard will host a very special guest. I hope you will join me in welcoming New York Times best-selling author and award winning poet, Carole Boston Weatherford!

Carole’s new book, BECOMING BILLIE HOLIDAY is a fictional verse memoir for young adults, recently released by Wordsong. She will be stopping by to tell us all about it, including her fascination/connection to the bluesy singer and why her tale is best told in this particular style.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Carole, please add them to the comment section here and I will try to include them in the interview.

Watch the book trailer for BECOMING BILLIE HOLIDAY:


  1. Thanks for the heads=up. I'll be back.

    BTW - this Friday I'll post my "analysis" of your new PB /Nature's Lullaby/ on my blog.


  2. Niki, could you ask Carole if there was anything she learned during her research that challenged or changed her perceptions about Billie?

    Also, how long did it take to complete the book?

    Also, is this the first illustrated YA on the market? How did the decision to illustrate this novel for young adults come about?


  3. Question for Carol:

    I'm in love with /Moses/. It's a gorgeous PB in my opinion (and lots of other people's, too). During Children's Book Week I'll be reading it and a few other PBs aloud to more than 100 third graders at a local school. Do you have a class room guide or discussion questions to help me optimize my time with the students and /Moses/?

    Jean Hall


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