Saturday, December 6, 2008


I’m happy to report my visions were not actually visions, but simply the bizarre ruminations of my overactive imagination. This comes as a great relief to me for two reasons. (1) It means both my events went well. (2)I won’t be seeing dead people around every corner.

So let me begin by telling you that I actually had an audience at my library reading. If there were mice and dust mites in attendance, they did not make themselves known nor did they shred any copies of my book for bedding. Instead, I was surprised by old friends who came to say hello and offer congratulations. People I’d lost touch with over the years brought their children and old school chums who live out-of-town sent their parents to buy books for their kids. An old classmate stopped by with her family and said she remembered some of the stories I’d written in grade school. How cool is that! It really was a wonderful turnout and I had a lot of fun. I must say, I grew up in a small town of really great people.

And, if you can believe it, my visit to St. Mary’s Catholic School (my Alma Mater) was even better. There were no bully-monsters anywhere in the vicinity. In fact, each and every one of those children was awesome! I met with all the grades, from Kindergarten through 8th, and they all gave me their undivided attention. Some of them even stumped me with questions regarding the business end of the business. I think that kid’s going to give Donald Trump a run for his money! Seriously, they were an exceptionally bright bunch of students. They impressed me way more than I could ever have them.

Now, with that behind me, I’m ready to forge on to discover more new and exciting venues. I think I’m lined up for an upcoming reading in Huntersville next week. I’ll let you know when the details are finalized. Whew!



  1. Congratulations, Niki! I'm glad the two events went so well. Some day I'll be having those same nightmarish visions, I HOPE!

    Merry Christmas to you. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Jan. so I can purchase one of your awesome books!


  2. Thanks Jean! I can't wait to see all you mudskippers either. It's been waaaaay to long!


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